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Factory Tour

Jewelry Armoire has become more and more popular all over the world. Allow me to guide you around our factory and see how we produce Jewelry armoires.

1.    Raw material warehouse

Our best Jewelry armoire starts with the best raw materials. To avoid absorbing moisture, all MDF materials are shipped directly from raw material factory to our woodcraft workshop. Then we seal raw materials with PU paint within 48 hours to keep away from moisture.


2.    Woodcraft workshop

Each raw material must go through a series of standard procedures:

1.    Raw materials are cut into particular shapes by precise digital controlled machines.

2.    The edge smoother takes care of the small MDF parts' edges.

3.    The pneumatic angle cutter makes sure all the corners in precise accurate angles.

4.    Framing machines bond and strengthen the joints by using the microwave to dry particular glue.

5.    The surface polisher polish and smooth the surface.

Wood working workshop.jpg 

3.    Painting workshop

The best way to control quality standard is to reduce waiting time. Our continuous painting line is almost 1 kilometers long. The parts are painted by robots inside the house, then go directly to the heating rooms. Having stayed on the painting track for almost 5 hours, the parts are already dry and will be inspected one by one before moving to the next procedure.

Painting Workshop.jpg


4.    Sanding workshop

Fine woodcraft needs good sanding and polishing. We particularly sand and polish every detail of our works.

Sanding workshop.jpg

5.    Packing workshop

We can pack about 800pcs cabinets every day. The QC workers are checking every piece carefully under quality criteria and taking out all the defective pieces.

Packing Workshop.jpg

6.    QC department

Our QC team performs process control and AQL2.5/4.0 final inspection for every lot of production. We fully understand that quality is the foundation of the business.QC department.jpg

7.    Environmental friendly

Justhow Zhihua Manufacturing CO., LTD values social responsibility. In order to protect the environment for our children, we've invested millions of dollars on equipment such as air purifiers and dust exhausters.