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Better reflect a woman's extraordinary aesthetic taste

Jan 16, 2018

do you know? A beautiful jewelry box will not only make the beauty of the baby to find a beautiful home, but also reflects the extraordinary aesthetic taste of a woman, but also urban women carrying jewelry, embellishment of the perfect taste of life, then, how to choose a good quality Jewelry box? Do not know the first do not worry, and listen to Xiao Bian slowly said to you.

1, according to fabric purchase

Believe that every woman likes to wear beautiful clothes, jewelry box fabric like jewelry box clothes, jewelry box fabric before the common PU fabric, but a high quality jewelry box fabric mostly PU high-quality fabrics, Texture is clear, rich texture, delicate luster, but also waterproof and anti-fouling, to ensure that many years do not fade, and poor quality jewelry box most of the poor use of PU leather, prone to cracking phenomenon, leather surface aging, short fabric life. Of course, with the continuous improvement of the social sciences, the manufacturers of packaging boxes are continually updating the technology they are worried about. Therefore, more choices are now made in the fabric of the jewelry box, and the paper fabric can also be done well. Paper fabrics relative to the PU fabric is more environmentally friendly, is now more and more everyone's favorite.

2, according to the internal workmanship purchase

Quality jewelry box interior workmanship should be fine, and only fine internal workmanship to better preserve everyone's baby jewelry, high quality jewelry box most of the internal use of high-quality flocking fabric, feel very good, can maximize the care Your baby, and poor quality jewelry box most of the work inside rough, with poor materials, so jewelry prone to oxidation, so that jewelry prone to loss, loss of the original luster and bright, so everyone in the purchase jewelry box, jewelry Inside the box should also carefully look at the work, do not greed for a while cheaper, Xiaobian firmly believe that the money-for-goods reason to buy a long life, strong, exquisite workmanship jewelry box, I believe than those poor, use Short life jewelry box is more practical, more cost-effective.