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Can expand the storage space

Jan 16, 2018

Mirror cabinet, is the mirror behind the cabinet, which is connected with the mirror. Speaking of mirrors have had to say such a word, mirror cabinet is the savior of small houses, it can be stored in the bathroom bottle cans, bathroom will not be filled by those bottles. Many people like to install mirror cabinet, but some people are not in favor of installing mirror cabinet, said it is not easy to use, but also easy to meet, not safe. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing mirror cabinet? Mirror cabinet installation should pay attention to what?

The advantages of installing mirror cabinet

1, to expand the storage space. Mirrored cabinet is a small-sized savior, nor is it worthless. Mirrored cabinet can be a variety of toiletries accepted, bottles and jars do not need to mess up in the wash stand.

2, do not worry about things swept to the ground. A variety of small things incorporated into the mirror cabinet, in fact, more secure, not because wash, carelessly things will be broken down!

The shortcomings of the mirror cabinet

1, there is smell. People who do not use mirror cabinets may not know that the bathroom is damp, while the mirror cabinet has long been closed, it is easy to air should not flow, odor, and then placed in the mirror cabinet bottles and jars taste!

2, Mirror door opening and closing trouble. Put things in the mirror cabinet, each time you need to open the mirror cabinet, open the switch off is very troublesome, for lazy people, even more troublesome.

3, easy to meet, in general, the mirror is installed above the sink, the mirror cabinet is also if mirror cabinet protruding, a lot of people bending over to wash your face, and then straight up will accidentally hit the head, it is easy to accidentally injured !

4, cleaning trouble. A mirror cabinet, it means more cleaning some places. And mirror the top of the corner and easy to fouling, cleaning is not easy!

Note the installation of mirror cabinet:

1, mirror cabinet do not choose too thick. Because some people say that the mirror cabinet easy to touch the head, so everyone in the choice of time, you can choose a little thin, it can be 15-20 cm, the thickness of a cup.

2, if you think the mirror cabinet opening and closing is not convenient, you can also choose the cabinet with an open shelf, so that you can put commonly used items on the open shelves, take it directly. Not commonly used can be put in the mirror cabinet.

3, can hide the mirror. Some people may be more concerned about feng shui, the mirror does not require the bathroom door, but the bathroom is arranged mirror is the door, this case you can choose the mirror hidden in the mirror cabinet inside the cabinet!

4, pay attention to lighting. Before installing the mirror cabinet, take into account the mirror cabinet on the mirror the distance from the face, toilet lighting, to ensure that the mirrors cabinet mirror will be able to clear out!