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Indispensable in modern home

Jan 16, 2018

Dresser refers to the furniture used to make up the decoration. Dresser term, in modern home, has been the owners, customers, home designers widely used, now refers to furniture dresser.

Dresser size standard is the total height of about 1500mm, width 700mm to 1200mm, this dresser size is the right size, in the home before the preparation of the decoration, you should determine the size of the dresser, while the dresser The size and style and style of the room together.

In the easy-to-learn style, the requirement placed on the dresser indoors is that neither the mirror nor any clock can handle any door facing one's own home, including doors, doors, toilet doors, kitchen doors, etc. Dresser placed a lot of learning, there are many avoidance, we must choose the right place for placement, rather believe it, so as to enjoy a healthy home life.

New Year opening season, is not the lack of makeup on stage the most useful piece! In fact, a woman's dressing table and wardrobe, always prone to beautiful tangle. Why not take advantage of the Happy New Year, the dresser to clean up, emptied the lost, planning the left, do buy-in plan, in order to accurately retrieve the old love and joy.