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Maximize the space available in your wardrobe

Jan 16, 2018

Wardrobe is a storage cabinet and solid wood furniture. Commonly divided into the common door, cupboard and cupboard sliding door, the closet used in general Wo plate, solid wood grain board, MDF, etc., is one of the family commonly used furniture.

Wardrobe cabinet, door, hardware (tie clip, drawer, pull basket, clothes rail, laminates buckle, pants rack, mirror, hinge, etc.). The general wardrobe cabinet made of 18mm thick material (particleboard, MDF, solid wood, composite plywood, fingerboard); and the door (sliding door by 9mm wood or 5mm glass sliding door; Generally 16mm or 18mm material to do); general hardware for wardrobe manufacturers, is supporting, not their own production. There are also a few businesses that produce their own wardrobe hardware.

Swing-door closet is a traditional open-style closet that connects the door panel and the cabinet by pipe hinges, similar to the "one" shape overall wardrobe. The level is mainly used to see the door material, hardware quality two aspects, the advantage is much cheaper than the sliding door wardrobe, the disadvantage is more space.

Open wardrobe storage is very strong, and more convenient, open wardrobe is more avant-garde than the traditional wardrobe, although very stylish, but the requirements for the cleanliness of the room is relatively high, so we should always pay attention to the closet cleaning, basically more people clothing are more , So home designers have designed an open wardrobe.

To take full advantage of the height of the bedroom space, to maximize the space available for wardrobe, often need to use the items, preferably placed at hand and reach the height of the season items should be stored in the top of the partition.

Divided from the structure of the wardrobe can be divided into two categories: the plate structure wardrobe, frame structure wardrobe.