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Occupy only a small amount of space but not the floor space

Jan 16, 2018

It consists of hanging board, sliding parts, rings, U-shaped wire, back cloth, decorative cloth and cloth cover. The hanging board comprises four front, rear, left and right blocks which are connected together to form a square frame; a chute is arranged on the body of the three hanging boards of the front, the left and the right, the sliding body is arranged in the chute, the decorative type The cloth is connected to the sliding body, the back cloth is connected with the rear hanging board, the top of the hanging board frame is covered with a cloth cover, the U-shaped wire hanging the hanging rack is fixed on the hanging board in the transverse direction, the whole wall bag is hung on the wall by hanging rings . When in use, the slider hanging by hand on the left, front and right three dangling plate decorated with a piece of cloth pulled the same curtain as the same for storage and removal of clothing. When the decorative fabric is closed, the fabric attached to the rear panel forms an inverted pocket. The disadvantage of this kind of clothes hanging wall bag is that when it is not in use, it can not be folded and retracted, still occupying a certain area and space. The sliding way of the sliding door is complicated in structure and difficult to make.

The utility model is realized by arranging retractable movable baffle under the frame hanging plate of the existing clothes hanging wall bag. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model comprises a box-shaped cupboard top, a horizontal bar of a clothes hanger transversely arranged on the cupboard top and a flexible cup-shaped cupboard body which is upside down on the top of the cupboard cupboard. The zipper and the mouth of the bag-shaped cabinet body are arranged on the inner surface of the top of the box-shaped cupboard, and a retractable movable barrier is arranged on the lower edge of the box-shaped cupboard. When in use, the top of the cupboard will be hung on a wall surface, the activity baffle will be lowered and the cup-shaped cupboard will naturally hang down to form an all-enclosed storage space. The clothes may be hung through the hanger on the bar On, through the opening and closing set in the cabinet body zipper deposit, access to use. When the closet is not in use, the pocket cabinet can be folded and folded into the top of the cupboard and the flap can be restrained in the cupboard with the movable baffle so as to occupy only a small amount of space without occupying the floor area .