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The show is a three-dimensional image

Jan 16, 2018

Today's society is an advertising world, not to mention the various visual media such as the physical media, the Internet and mobile networks. Even advertisements such as the dramas and movies of pleasant publicity are seamlessly integrated. For the showcase industry, playing a showcase worthy of the trust of the people brand is not an easy thing, the need is long-term business reputation and good after-sales service to win. In fact, two or three years ago, the showcase design and production company in their own showcase products slowly pay attention to the promotion of their own brand of design elements, hoping to showcase not only the business jewelry and other exhibits, but also hope Communicating your brand to other businesses and customers through showcases is also a strategy for outreach and product marketing that is in line with the needs of today's advertising-sprawling society.

As people chase after the enthusiasm for luxury goods and fashion items, showcase design and production of an endless stream of manufacturers, the competitive pressure is also increasing, so jewelry showcase as a way of appealing to the visual sensory advertising will be more and more The more it should be applied to the market, the more it is not merely the display and highlighting of exhibits, but rather the graphic and imagery conveyed in the form of posters, etc., which include exhibits as well as display equipment. Therefore, the jewelry showcase is a three-dimensional image, that is, through real products in the three-dimensional space to be conveyed. So it is one of the most indirect and effective forms of advertising.