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To beautify, retain or change the appearance of people

Jan 16, 2018

Cosmetics: For body beautification, retention or alteration of the appearance of the person (for example for performance) for body conditioning (except soap), or for the purpose of netting, rubbing, correcting or protecting the skin, hair, nails, eyes Or teeth with the swap.

Cleaning type: used to wash the skin;

Skin care type: Such cosmetics as cleansing cream, cleanser, bath agent, shampoo, shaving cream;

Basic type: Before makeup, the basic treatment of facial hair. Such cosmetics such as various creams, honey, lotion, mask, hair cream, hair gel and other hair fixative;

Beauty type: for facial and hair beautification supplies. Such cosmetics refer to rouge, lipstick, eye shadow, hair dye hot, hair treatment, fixed and other supplies;

Efficacy: Between the drugs and cosmetics products. Such cosmetics, such as cooling agent, deodorant, hair remover, hair removal agent, hair dye, insect repellent, olive extract and so on.

Skin cosmetics: refers to the face and skin cosmetics. Such cosmetics such as various creams, bath agents;

Hair cosmetics: refers to the hair for cosmetics. Such cosmetics such as shampoo, mousse, spray hair spray and so on;

Beauty Cosmetics: Mainly refers to facial beauty products, but also the beauty of nails hair;

Special Function Cosmetics: refers to the addition of a special role of the drug cosmetics.