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To choose environmentally friendly

Jan 16, 2018

Cabinet (cabinet), also known as embedded closet, is a floor or suspension storage space combined with a wall in a residential housing. A closet is a cupboard that leaves room for walls, also called a closet.

If you do not have enough space in your room for a full-size closet, then a hanging wardrobe might be enough. These hanging closets are also available in many styles - most are traditional types of pine and saffron, which look like ordinary drawers, but once opened they reveal the space for hanging clothes and Drawer arrangement.

1, the installation must be done before the inspection, found abnormal, the first time feedback in time to make up.

2, carefully check the drawings and marks the site consistent with the state, to determine the installation order.

3, pay attention to the protection of the product assembly during installation.

4, the beam position, the top line, closing the mouth cutting corner to be carefully checked, cut accurately.

5, pay attention to the side plate of the second floor plate hole as far as possible not placed in cabinet No. 2.

6, nail back plate to draw the diagonal scale counter is equal, solid layer uneven phenomenon to use planing plane planing, nailed back


First, the material is environmentally friendly, is directly related to the health of families, so the cabinet board national testing report, in line with the national mandatory GB18584-2001 standards, formaldehyde emission is less than 1.5mg / L, moisture content between 5-11;

Second, the plate is solid or not determines the life of the cabinet, the thickness of the standard should be 18mm, durable, life expectancy to reach more than 15 years;

Third, the craft is fine, first of all look at the model edge. Edge sealing machine is generally uniform, can not see the black line and sawtooth India, hand-edge is rough. Second, see if the backplane slotted installation, to ensure stability;

Fourth, the accessories is the key, when you buy to see and hear, such as the track must be high strength, abrasion resistance; pulley to high strength, wear resistance, low noise; mainly sealing the sealing section of the plate, To seal a solid, smooth surface.