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Visually create a warm wooden feel

Jan 16, 2018

From the cabinet color point of view, the steady dark atmosphere of the atmosphere, dark coffee will be the next two years the popular color cabinets. At the same time, monochromatic highlights such as white, red, olive green, vanilla and others will continue to be popular.

In the monochrome background, the local wood grain embellishment or natural wood cabinets will be welcome, wood color return. Classical style cabinet mostly solid wood, frame and door are hand-carved, plus hand-painted and polished, reflecting the ancient style. Modern-style cabinets are also keeping up with this trend, and wood-like cabinets will appear in abundance, creating a warm, wooden feel visually.

In addition, the concept of "whole kitchen" will further develop and cabinets will inevitably move towards equipment and integration. Many enterprises in our country have been developing or have integrated the production of kitchen equipment, such as washing cabinets, sink equipment; range hoods, stoves, disinfection cabinet (oven) one integrated device

A look at the plate edge. Edge of high-quality cabinet delicate, smooth, feel good, straight and smooth seal line, the connector fine. Professional manufacturers with a straight edge banding machine to complete the edge, broken head, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes to ensure the most accurate size. The workshop-style small factory is coated with a brush, artificial pressure seal, with a knife to trim the edge of the knife, with a manual polishing machine polishing, due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong, but also cause formaldehyde and other harmful substances to the air in.

Second look punch. The panel furniture is assembled by the three-in-one connector. The cooperation and accuracy of the holes will affect the structural robustness of the cabinet cabinet.

Three see the cut board. Cutting board is the first production cabinet production process. Large-scale specialized enterprises use the electronic opening saw to input the processing size through the computer. The computer controls the size accuracy of material selection, and can process several sheets at a time. The performance of the equipment is stable.

Fourth look at the door. The door is the face of the cabinet, and the human face as important. Door production of small factories due to improper handling of the substrate and the surface, the door easily damp deformation.

Five to see the effect of the entire cabinet assembly. Any size error of the production process will be displayed on the door, the small factory production portfolio cabinets, door will appear uneven seam, the gap is uneven, there is a large and small.

Six to see the drawer slide. Although small details, but it is an important part of the quality of cabinets. Due to the hole size and size error caused by slide rail installation size with the error, resulting in drawer pull is not smooth or loose condition, but also pay attention to the drawer gap is uniform.