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A Clothes Device

Jan 16, 2018

Wardrobe usually refers to the clothes and equipment. Extended meaning of a person all the clothing, especially those who can wear more important occasions dress. Can organize and play a small role with the room.

Clever people want to know some of the heart of women, may wish to open her wardrobe look. A person's wardrobe (the same goes for a wardrobe or a suitcase) - her entire package of tricks and the storage of her clothes shows her habits, tastes, priorities and economics, and even shows her outlook on life And the opposite sex attitude. You can also try it yourself. Look at your own closet, what are you missing? What are your good wishes and demands? Is your clothing suitable for your size and character?

Think about your purpose first. Do you want to change anything about your current lifestyle? Do you want to change your appearance? Think of what you look like right now in your head and decide what you want to change to. Of course, to achieve their ideal image to go step by step. Too fierce changes can make people feel uncomfortable. You should change your closet slowly. The clothing in the closet should be coordinated with your temperament and body shape, and should be adapted to your current lifestyle and include the clothing you require in those occasions where you often come across.

Many women are keen to lose weight, but such attempts often can not be a success. Therefore, the size of the choice of clothing should be based on your body shape of the status quo. Some women like to buy smaller apparel, which needs to be deducted from their prices

Figure minus the weight before fit. However, for some really obese people, too little clothing will make them appear even more bloated; For most people who are not too fat, this apparel unmistakably states: The wearer's own body is not Satisfied - she suspects she is too fat. Check your nakedness before your big dressing goggles to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your body. This will help you choose what kind of clothes to wear. That is to say based on the discovery of their strengths. You are you, designing and matching a set of garments that suit your characteristics, especially garments that match your status to enrich and enrich your wardrobe.