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A Measure Of The Shape Of A Woman

Jan 16, 2018

Mirror, English glasses, is a kind of smooth surface, the first ancient polished polished bronze mirror and has the ability to reflect light items. There are two kinds of plane mirrors and curved mirrors. The plane mirrors are often used by people to sort out appearances. The curved mirrors have concave mirrors and convex mirrors. They are mainly used for dressing mirrors, furniture accessories, architectural decoration parts, optical instrument components and solar cookers, Reflections of headlights and searchlights, reflective telescopes, car mirrors and much more.

In science, mirrors are also commonly used in glass and metal products with surface-polished metal devices and metallized reflective films with regular reflection properties on telescopes, lasers, industrial instruments and the like, often with metal, plastic or wood Border

The mirror's reflection of light obeys the law of reflection, its reflectivity depends on the angle of the incident light, the smoothness of the mirror and the nature of the metallized metal film. The imaginary line perpendicular to the mirror is called the normal, the angle between the incident line and the normal and the angle between the reflected line and the normal are equal. The object in front of the mirror is an upright virtual image behind the mirror. The distance between the mirror and the mirror is the same as the distance between the mirror and the mirror. If you want to see my whole length from the mirror, because the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, the mirror must have at least half of my length. The reflective surface of the concave mirror faces the center of curvature.

Mirrors and scales are a measure of women's body, such as women weighing their own weight, so that

However, as women's cognition of beauty becomes more and more intuitive and more and more concrete, the mirror gradually replaces the function of scale. So "changing the scales in the house to mirrors" is another slogan for more women to test whether they are beautiful or not.