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Driving The Development Of Furniture

Jan 16, 2018

Furniture refers to the basic categories of apparatus and equipment essential to humankind's normal life, production practices and social activities. Furniture also follow the pace of the times continue to develop and innovate, to now a wide range of different materials, variety, use different. Is to establish an important foundation for work and life space.

Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance and function. Among them, the function is the forerunner, which is the driving force to promote the development of furniture. The structure is the backbone and the foundation of the function. These four factors are interrelated and mutually restrictive. Because furniture is designed and manufactured to meet people's material needs and purposes, furniture also has material and appearance aspects.

The type, quantity, function, form, style and production level of the furniture as well as the occupancy at that time also reflect the social life style, the level of social material civilization and the historical and cultural features of a country and region in a certain historical period. Furniture is a country or region in a historical period of social productivity of the development level of the mark is a microcosm of some way of life is a manifestation of a cultural form, so the furniture embodies a rich and profound social.

The appearance of furniture directly in front of the user, it is an intuitive representation of the function and structure. The appearance of furniture depends on the structure of its flowering, especially the external structure. However, there is no corresponding relationship between the appearance form and the structure. Different appearance forms can be expressed by the same structure. The appearance of the form there is a greater degree of freedom, the combination of space has considerable selectivity, such as the basic structure of the dresser are the same, but its appearance is different.

The appearance of furniture as an external manifestation of function, but also has the cognitive function, therefore, has the message and symbolic meaning of information; but also to play its aesthetic function, resulting in a certain atmosphere of the atmosphere, the formation of a certain artistic effect, giving the United States to enjoy .