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Flexible, Decorative Effects Are Often More Prominent

Jan 16, 2018

In addition to the stuff currently in use, other baby can be cleaned before storage. First of all, prepare two storage boxes with different colors or designs, one with cosmetics and the other with care products; second, put a sticky note on the box, and write the names and expiration dates of all the babies in the box for use at any time .

1. Skin care products: first cotton dipped in alcohol, the bottle cap and bottle edge clean. This can not only disinfect, but also the bottle can easily breed bacteria, oily and wax together thoroughly clean. And then seal the bottle with tape to prevent the liquid from evaporating to dry out.

2. Lipstick: With a clean facial tissue will contact with the lip gently wiped off a layer, you can put away.

3. Eyeshadow, blush, powder and other box-like make-up: first with a clean cotton pad, the used, dirty polish, then cotton pad dipped in alcohol, the cartridge case, edges, mirror rub again , And then open the place on the sun does not direct sunlight, ventilation, ventilation for 5 minutes, cover up can be put away.

First, dresser style

Everyone has their own different aesthetic vision, so the appearance of the choice as long as the personal favorite on the line, but the appearance of the dresser the best choice with a paint brush, so easy to clean, not to penetrate into the dresser cosmetics, the impact of dressing Taiwan's appearance. At the same time can also be based on the overall style of the room to go with the choice of dresser style.

Second, dresser mirror

Dresser mirror in the selection of time can not just feel good enough, dresser mirror must be folded design, so that you look in the mirror, you can see all aspects of his face, clearly see Which place where their own makeup problems. 

Third, check the quality of dresser

Dresser is mostly man-made sheet metal manufacturing, the owners in the selection of quality certificates to see, look at the formaldehyde content of the sheet and quality instructions, it is best to go near the dresser smell to see if there is pungent odor, if there is, it is best Do not buy.

Fourth, the size of dresser

Dresser table size is best 400 * 1000 (40 cm wide and 100 cm long), so easy to put cosmetics, if the size of the dresser is too small, cosmetics are placed, it is more trouble. Dresser height generally 70-75 cm, this height is more suitable for the average height of the owners.

Fifth, dresser supporting the chair

In the selection of dresser, be sure to ask clearly, to see if there is no matching chair, the best choice to have a matching chair dresser, so not to the overall uncoordinated, to make their own makeup trouble.

Sixth, the layout

Can be divided into two kinds of independent and combined. Stand-alone dresser to be set up alone, so more flexible, decorative effect is often more prominent. Combination is the dresser and other furniture combination set, this approach is suitable for small family.