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Jewelry Armoires For Your Personal Collection: Where Are They Hiding?

Jan 29, 2019

(Source: jckonline.com)

I’m the only one in my friend circle who actually owns a jewelry armoire—that is, a piece of furniture  dedicated solely to the purpose of storing and organizing my collection of baubles. Which leads me to believe that the world considers jewelry armoires a niche product—how else to explain the dearth of options?

But if you’re reading this blog, I’m willing to bet you own a jewelry armoire, or heck, maybe even a drool-worthy custom bijous closet or another, more novel solution for stashing the possessions you’ve collected over the years. For those who’ve been at it awhile, the challenge becomes finding a design that offers both ample size and diverse functionality (i.e., rings slots that can accommodate dozens of styles, many hooks for keeping necklaces detangled, and ideally, a built-in mirror to help you decide what to wear as you rifle through the options).

Sure, we could Marie Kondo it up and start editing our collections down to the pieces we wear and love the most. There are plenty of ideas for the result of such a purge on Instagram:

White lighted jewelry armoireVintage jewelry armoireJewelry armoire eclatdesignbycrystinBookcase upcycled as jewelry armoire

But…yeah, no. So, do you get two jewelry armoires, as you might matching nightstands or end tables? Do you commandeer the one spare closet you have and call in an expert from California Closets or Elfa to make it accommodate your piles and piles of cocktail rings and unwieldy French-wire dangle earrings in cute and clever ways?

I’m at a loss—and in the market for a new, hardworking, but also good-looking jewelry-storage solution. I am not in love with the look that seems to be the most commonly available—a cherry or mahogany Queen Anne situation that just feels a little too…I don’t know…like a canned version of something you’d find in the lady’s chamber of an old English manor.

I did have some ideas pinned to my Pinterest page and highlight these below. But they’re not quite right.

Will you share your ideas and resources with me? The situation’s become a bit desperate. Feel free to DM me on Instagram. TIA.