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Security And Stability, Practical And Beautiful To Take Into Account

Jan 16, 2018

Now shopping malls everywhere, how to win the attention of many consumers in the eye? Show is an essential way to design new, unique style always retain the customer's attention, this is not only a way to win customers is a perfect interpretation of their products. Select the jewelry display cabinet is to choose a suitable jewelry clothes, to the customer's first impression often determines the product sales. So how to customize to a group of jewelry for your own display cabinet need you to master the following tips:

1, you need to communicate with the designer, let him fully understand the connotation of your product;

2, combined with jewelry sales of shopping malls and shopping malls culture, with the atmosphere of the entire shopping malls in order to seize the majority of customers spending this mall.

3, also combined with the location and structure of the jewelry store, do not ignore the details of these designs, suitable for their own best to display their own products; 4, the last point is that we must not ignore the safety and stability of jewelry display cabinets, practical and Beautiful to take into account.

A word of mouth to show the business is not a low profit, reputation of the jewelry showcase design is composed of many reasons, include, cloth, lighting, color, charts, display products, display stands, exhibition equipment and so on, so do Design time to plan a lot of the following reasons, need to be simple and not complicated, need to be balanced, not jagged, the need for a clear theme, a clear message, you need to focus on the need to design from the target audience needs to plan staff arrangements, Need to plan places, the design needs easy to build and easy to disassemble, careful design, do not correct.

Now no matter what products are sold, there will be a proprietary display cabinet to assist the sale of products. The things we sell are not the same, their own qualities are different, the final showcase is also a certain difference. For example, jewelry showcase, temperament must be enough atmosphere can be. There are two main elements inside, one is the best selection of glass countertops, and then the counter is the main choice of solid wood, a little thicker at the same time a little darker color is better.

In this case, consumers can see their favorite jewelery products directly from the point of rent, with the emphasis being that the side is also glass, with the exception of the glass above. This is the case if you are walking in the remote guests, also have the opportunity to see their own products.

The other is to add the lamp in the middle, this inlaid mode allows your jewelry look more bright and beautiful. At the same time not to be small pieces of glass or the kind of narrower, should be the same as in the figure above, it is quite lenient. In fact, there is still a missing one thing that is the need for a few chairs. Occasionally, guests may be more tired to go, you want to rest while watching, if the chair can sit, it would be more willing to stay.