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Simple And Convenient As Well As Practicality

Jan 16, 2018

In order to facilitate the renovation of the convenience and practicality, most people like to choose bathroom mirror cabinet for bathroom decoration, the so-called bathroom mirror cabinet refers to a simple storage cabinet and bathroom mirror design and decoration of the bathroom furniture collectively, now on the market bathroom mirror A variety of products cabinet, bathroom mirror cabinet in the end how to buy it? Bathroom cabinet and mirror installation height how much is suitable? Together with Xiaobian to understand it.

To say that the selection of bathroom mirror cabinet, in fact, not so difficult, mainly combined with bathroom storage cabinets and bathroom mirror like buying skills, the selection process in the bathroom mirror cabinet must pay attention to the quality of storage cabinets and bathroom mirror mirror quality Identification, as long as you do these two points, we can choose for their own high-quality bathroom mirror cabinet Oh, take a look at the following introduction:

Bathroom mirror purchase tips:

1, look at the appearance:

Should look at the mirror from the front, side, the negative multi-angle, the general look at the mirror when they will only focus on their direct mirror in the mirror, and did not pay special attention to the mirror in the distance of the linear object, you can move slightly under the line of sight, If there is no straight line bending deformation, this is a good quality mirror.

2, look at the style:

According to the style of the bathroom go to pick the mirror with the style, with the overall style of the bathroom, such as some oval mirror is more suitable for European style, the square mirror is more suitable for Chinese style and so on.

3, see waterproof anti-rust function:

Ordinary mirror if placed for a long time in the more humid places will become dim, and even rust, shedding and so on, so need to pay attention to the mirror waterproof and rust-proof function, you can usually close look at the mirror portrait Floating, up or down or left and right under the line of sight to see if there is no deformation of the object, you know it's good or bad.

4, see anti-fog function:

After the bath in the bathroom there will be a lot of mist, resulting in the mirror surface becomes blurred. The market generally uses tailor-made anti-fog foil, is a power after the translucent polyester film. Apply to the back of the bath mirror before use, try to be smooth, easy to use.

5, see admission function:

Bathroom space is relatively small, considering the beautiful at the same time, other subsidies should also be taken into account, with a little storage function of the mirror to make up for the lack of bathroom space, the use of a small mirror.