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Slows The Loss Of Moisture In The Skin And Protects The Skin

Jan 16, 2018

Skin aging has its universality, multi-cause, progressive, degenerative, intrinsic and other characteristics. Mainly in the skin structure and physiological function of the epidermal thickness increased in different parts of severe atrophy or hyperplasia, keratinocytes and melanocytes have a certain degree of nuclear anisotropy.

Anti-aging active substances include: scavenging free radicals; increase the rate of cell proliferation; delay the degradation rate of extracellular matrix, anti-aging cosmetics need to choose a good skin care agent, to the skin to add enough nutrients to achieve deep nutrition. At the same time, but also to slow the loss of moisture in the skin, protect the skin.

Efficient sun protection: sunlight exposure is an important reason to accelerate skin aging. Therefore, anti-sun, UV protection is an essential anti-aging cosmetics products.

Deep moisturizing: Although there are many factors that promote skin aging, but the amount of skin moisture, is to keep the skin soft and flexible, the main factor in preventing aging.

Inhibition of protein drunk activity and increase protein synthesis: The skin is composed of collagen, elastin, the state of the skin depends on the loss of protein and the ability of cells in the skin to synthesize protein. Elastin degradation and degradation after degeneration, the skin will lead to the loss of elasticity, relaxation, wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. Therefore, the delay in the degradation of elastin speed is also one of the principles of anti-aging cosmetics design.

Free radical scavenging: From the mechanism of skin aging can be seen, skin aging and antioxidant function of the body weakening, increased free radicals. Therefore, the removal of free radicals has become a hot research anti-aging cosmetics.

Season needs storage like clothes, cosmetics, skin care products also need season storage. Do seasonal storage, will be outdated products thrown away, not suitable for their own color to others, the last remaining, you can do pre-collection maintenance work.

Skin Care: Cotton is also dipped in alcohol, the bottle cap and the edge of the bottle wipe clean. This not only disinfection, but also can easily breed bottle of oil and wax bacteria, clean together, and then use the tape to seal the bottle to prevent the evaporation of liquid to dry.

Lipstick: With a clean facial tissue will contact with the lips, gently wipe off the layer, you can put away.

Eye shadow, blush, powder and other box-like make-up: first with a clean cotton pad, will have been used, dirty powder erased, and then cotton (or cotton pad) dipped in alcohol, the cartridge shell, the edge , Wipe the mirror over, and then open it for ventilation for 5 minutes without direct sunlight and in the air. Cover it and receive a cupboard or makeup case.