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To Improve Customer Convenience And Thoughtful Service

Jan 16, 2018

 When I do not know the quality of the jewelry box, consumers often rely on the feeling of the jewelry box to determine whether to buy. The old saying goes: "The goods sell a skin" reason lies in this. In response to different consumer motivations to buy, our jewelry box packaging design also will be different, thus stimulating the desire of consumers to buy.

Series jewelry box packaging strategy refers to the same product using a uniform style of packaging, and in the shape or decoration slightly different forms of packaging. Putting these individual packages together to form a packaging series is like a big family of packaging with strong line-up, arousing consumers' perception of the heavy content and corporate culture attached to the products and leaving consumers more impressed Product image enjoys popular support.

Combination jewelery box packaging strategy refers to the same category, different kinds of goods into a combination of packaging, so that customers can buy a combination of packaging at the same time, you can taste or use different varieties of goods, which generally apply to low-cost, low-cost Value, small package, fast turnover of small commodities.

Different from the combination of jewelry box packaging, even though the kind of packaging is also a combination of different products into a package, but they are not necessarily the same kind of goods, but in the consumption and use of the goods sent together, the package can play To facilitate the customer to buy and use the purpose. "Affordable to buy a horse on the saddle," that is, customers can buy the main product is the consumer and its associated subsidiary. Therefore, merchants put the interlinked jewelry into a package, both for customers to improve the convenient and thoughtful service, but also to cultivate new economic growth point, enhance the efficiency of space. For example, shoes, shoe polish, shoe brush designed for the same package for sale.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, intense life rhythm and work pressure, consumers in some developed countries and regions have generally produced a kind of vintage and nostalgic life style. They are good at handcraft, natural flavor, natural environment protection Commodity has a certain psychological tendencies, jewelry, emotional packaging derived in this context. This kind of multi-use decorative rough simple, natural materials, as if age-old products, people feel the history, capture memories, fill the spiritual space.

Export jewelry box packaging design, in addition to meet the needs of the commodity itself, but also to consider the importing country's political, economic, cultural, religious, folk taboo, consumer preferences and other aspects of the different characteristics. As a package designer, only by mastering and familiar with these, in order to make the sale of goods as the Romans, get the welcome and acceptance of consumers.