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Classic Tri Fold Mirror Makeup Table Set

Classic Tri Fold Mirror Makeup Table Set

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Classic Tri fold mirror makeup table set Description:

History of the makeup desk vanity

Served the purpose in the bathroom for general hygiene; eventually, it evolved to be used for purposes of vanity. Early antique dressing tables are generally extremely rare as they were not an item of furniture used in households often at the time. Earlier vanity dresser with mirror included a washbasin beneath a fold-down top, over time antique dressing tables became smaller and more delicate.

There is a large variety of Victorian oak vanity dresser with mirrors in existence, as the dresser became more prominent in middle-class Victorian households. During the 19th C the variety of styles of makeup desk vanity increased, many were produced in Elizabethan, Rococo, Gothic, and Renaissance and Colonial revivalist styles. 

Elegant White Appearance
Compact style
A Good Decoration Of Your Home
Comfortable Free Stool
Practical Dressing Table With A Mirror And 3 Drawers
Valuable Square Mirror Helps Present A Clear Yourself
Useful 3 Storage Drawers To Store Things
Smooth And Spacious Table Top
Enough Storage Space
Sturdy And Durable
Assembly Required

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