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Why Choose JUSTHOW?

Jewelry cabinet is so popular among many companies as a new profit earner. So why do you choose Justhow as your supplier to win the market?

Sustained superior quality

Not all manufacturers are able to control stable quality. Justhow believes stable quality is not only a result of strict workman monitor but a set of standard mechanization process. That’s why we use the specific machine to tailor the materials to minimize human-made errors.

Away from serious mold risks!

Molding is a disaster for wood products. Justhow has many safeguard procedures to manage this risk. Each procedure has QA manager monitors humidity. We use specialized equipment like UV seal coating machines to control humidity in each step. 

Best consumer rating!

Even a tiny defect during production can lead to consumers’ complaints and result in the bad rating. That's why Justhow set a professional quality control team through the whole procedure. From material cutting to product packing. It is a must to have quality under 100% control.

Lowest breakage rate!

We understand how expensive it is if breakage happens. So Justhow chooses to be an expert in packing for online purchasing. Every lot of our finished product needs to pass in-house drop tests and obtain the third-party ISTA 3A certificate.

Expertise and partnership!

Ever since Justhow launched first jewelry cabinet to the market in 2007, we have produced over 1.5 million pieces of jewelry cabinets in more than 600 designs. Justhow's innovation and insight have enabled our clients to surpass their competitors not only by good price but also by unique design.